BF1 Best Guns: Unleash Your Power on the Battlefield

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Are you ready to dominate the virtual battleground in Battlefield 1 (BF1)? Your choice of weapons can make all the difference between victory and defeat. In this article, we will guide you through the world of BF1 guns, helping you find the best ones to elevate your gameplay experience to new heights.

Understanding Weapon Classes in BF1

BF1 offers a diverse range of weapon classes, each designed to excel in specific combat scenarios. Let’s take a closer look at these classes:

Assault Rifles: Versatility and Domination

Assault rifles are the go-to weapons for most players, offering a balanced mix of accuracy, range, and fire rate. They excel at medium-range engagements, making them ideal for aggressive players who want to dominate the battlefield.

Sniper Rifles: Precision at Long Range

For those who prefer a more calculated approach, sniper rifles are the perfect choice. These high-powered rifles are designed for long-range engagements, allowing you to eliminate enemies from a safe distance and disrupt their plans.

LMGs: Unleash Sustained Firepower

If you enjoy suppressing enemies and providing cover fire, look no further than Light Machine Guns (LMGs). These powerful weapons boast high rates of fire and large ammunition capacities, perfect for sustained firepower and holding down key positions.

Shotguns: Devastation in Close Quarters

When it comes to close-quarters combat, shotguns are the kings. These devastating weapons excel at short-range engagements, delivering lethal blasts that can quickly neutralize enemies and clear tight spaces.

Sidearms: Trusty Backup Options

Sidearms are the reliable backup weapons that can save your life in critical moments. They are handy in close-quarters situations or when you need a quick draw to finish off a wounded enemy.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Guns in BF1

Selecting the best guns in BF1 requires careful consideration of various factors. Here are some key aspects to keep in mind:

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Recoil Control and Accuracy: Stay on Target

Recoil control and accuracy are crucial for landing precise shots. Look for guns with manageable recoil patterns and high accuracy ratings to ensure your bullets find their mark.

Damage Output and Effective Range: Strike with Precision

Understanding the damage output and effective range of a weapon is essential. Choose guns that offer adequate damage to take down enemies quickly and have a suitable effective range for your preferred playstyle.

Rate of Fire and Ammunition Capacity: Unleash a Barrage

The rate of fire and ammunition capacity determine how quickly and how long you can sustain firefights. Consider guns with high rates of fire and larger ammunition capacities if you prefer aggressive playstyles or extended engagements.

Reloading Speed and Weapon Handling: Stay in the Action

Reloading speed and weapon handling can be the difference between life and death in intense battles. Opt for guns that have fast reload times and comfortable handling characteristics, allowing you to stay in the action without being caught off guard.

Top Guns in BF1 for Each Weapon Class

Now that we have a solid understanding of the different weapon classes and factors to consider, let’s explore the top guns in BF1 for each category:

Best Assault Rifles in BF1: The All-rounders

Hellriegel 1915**: With its large magazine capacity and controllable recoil, the Hellriegel 1915 is a popular choice among assault players seeking sustained firepower.

Automatico M1918**: Known for its blistering rate of fire, the Automatico M1918 is perfect for close-quarters combat, allowing you to unleash a hail of bullets on your enemies.

Top Sniper Rifles for Long-Range Engagements: Precision Instruments

Martini-Henry**: This powerful rifle packs a punch, capable of taking down enemies with a single shot. Its long-range accuracy and stopping power make it a favorite among sharpshooters.

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SMLE MKIII**: Offering a great balance between fire rate and damage, the SMLE MKIII is a versatile sniper rifle that excels in various scenarios, making it a reliable choice for players of all skill levels.

Outstanding LMGs for Sustained Fire: Suppress and Dominate

Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)**: The BAR combines high damage, controllable recoil, and a decent magazine capacity, making it a deadly weapon for suppressing enemies and holding down positions.

Lewis Gun**: With its high rate of fire and extended magazine capacity, the Lewis Gun is perfect for players who love to lay down a continuous barrage of bullets, suppressing enemies and providing cover fire.

Best Shotguns for Close-Quarters Combat: Devastating Power

Model 10-A**: Known for its incredible stopping power, the Model 10-A is the go-to shotgun for players who want to dominate in close-quarters combat. Its devastating blasts can quickly turn the tide of battle.

Automatico M1918 Trench**: This shotgun variant of the Automatico M1918 is designed for aggressive players who prefer a run-and-gun playstyle. Its high rate of fire and wide spread make it deadly in close-quarters engagements.

Top Sidearms for Backup Situations: Trusty Sidekicks

M1911**: A classic sidearm with a punch, the M1911 offers great accuracy and damage, making it reliable in clutch moments when your primary weapon runs dry.

Frommer Stop**: Known for its fast fire rate and quick reloads, the Frommer Stop is perfect for those who need a backup weapon with a high rate of fire and maneuverability.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the best gun overall in BF1?
A: It’s challenging to determine a single best gun as it largely depends on your playstyle and preferences. Experiment with different weapons to find the one that suits you best.

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Q: How can I unlock new guns in BF1?
A: You can unlock new guns by progressing through the game’s ranking system, completing challenges, and participating in events. Keep playing and exploring different game modes to unlock a wide variety of weapons.

Q: Are there any DLC-specific weapons that are considered the best?
A: Yes, DLCs introduce new weapons that can be highly effective in combat. Explore the DLC content to find unique weapons that suit your playstyle.

Q: Can weapon attachments be used to enhance gun performance?
A: Absolutely! Weapon attachments such as scopes, grips, and muzzle devices can significantly improve your gun’s performance. Experiment with different attachments to find the perfect combination for your desired playstyle.

Q: What is the best gun for a beginner in BF1?
A: For beginners, it’s recommended to start with versatile weapons like the Hellriegel 1915 or the SMLE MKThese guns offer a good balance between ease of use and effectiveness.


Choosing the best guns in BF1 is crucial for maximizing your potential on the battlefield. Whether you prefer assault rifles, sniper rifles, LMGs, shotguns, or sidearms, finding the right weapon for your playstyle can make all the difference. Take the time to experiment, unlock new guns, and hone your skills with your preferred arsenal. Remember, the best gun is the one that complements your strengths and allows you to unleash your full potential in the immersive world of Battlefield 1. So gear up, soldier, and get ready to dominate the battlefield like never before!

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